Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Six down!

That's my "They finally stopped poking me!" face.

And this is the LAST ONE!

Oh my gosh, but it was an ordeal yesterday!  No one could find a vein.  The vein finding machine couldn't find a vein.  I got stuck four times before they landed in a usable vein.  Now, I know I have veins, because you kind of need those suckers to carry blood, right?  But no one could find any veins in me!  I guess I'll be safe around vampires.

My war wounds.

But that didn't stop them from trying.  They poked.  They prodded.  They twisted those needles around and said "It's got to be here somewhere!" All the while, I'm just dying, because that digging and twisting shit hurts, you know?  I was seriously about one needle poke away from saying "screw it" and going home, when they finally got one that worked.  Sheesh!  Even one of the nurses in the cancer center made a comment about all my little wads of gauze when I was leaving.

Now, I have to get a scan in three weeks and have a follow up with the docs in four.  All signs are good, but the scan will tell the story.  After that, it's visits every three months for the next three years.

I think I have to put up with the bricks for about 90 more days or so, before everything filters out of my system.  That should still give me at least a couple of months of good bike riding weather.  I can't wait!

Now, you'll have to excuse me.  I need to lay down some more before I go get my shot today.  They gave me my chemo graduation certificate yesterday, but technically I still have to go back every day this week for my shots.



New York Erratic said...

Congrats! And hugs. :-)

Shara said...

DONE! Yeeees. Feel better and kick those f'ing bricks to the curb soon!

Lynn said...

Six down and none to go! that sounds great! now get some rest, I'm sure you've got tons of things to do when you no longer have to go get chemo-ed!!

Roger Owen Green said...