Sunday, July 07, 2013

Day by Days

This was a big week!  Sami went before the grand jury!  I loved the way they intercut the grand jury scenes with the memorial for the cop she shot.  They are plotting this one like they have a destination in mind.  I hope they get there.

By the way, if you are coming here from any other place that's been discussing this story, let me make one thing perfectly clear:  Abe is not hiding the evidence that would clear Sami.  There is a lot of confusion, at least in the discussion on hulu, about this.  There was a scene after the shooting when Kayla hands Abe an envelope and says "We found this in the room."  We never see the contents of this envelope, but in the next scenes, Abe is with Sami telling her that Bernardi's police badge and id were found in the room.  I think the connection is pretty clear.  Except that there are people who don't get it and think that Abe (who is like an uncle to Sami) is hiding the razor she says she saw.  Proponents of this theory are kind of overlooking the fact that Kayla, who would know that Abe has the razor, is Sami's aunt and certainly would not stay silent while everyone is saying "If only we could find that razor."

A lot of this is due to the habit this writing team has of not spelling out every detail for the audience and trusting us to infer what is going on from the clues they are giving.  Unfortunately, some audience members aren't as smart as the writers give them credit for being. Oh well.

Anyway, I can't believe that Sami got acquitted, but this story ain't over yet.  Adrienne still has evidence she doesn't know she has.  I'm glad they finally revealed that, even if Adrienne hasn't seen it yet.  We're in for a week or two of "near misses" probably, before the lid gets blown off this particular pot.

I liked the day at the lake.  It's always fun to get a bunch of characters together and see how it finagles the various plots around, even if nothing totally earth-shattering happens.

How exactly does Kristen think she's going to put out a video of her and a drugged Eric doing the deed without everyone knowing she's behind it?  That's got to be some awfully good editing she's paying for.  I really hate the way this story is going.  I don't care for Eric the boring priest, but there has got to be a better way to give him a story.  It's pretty obvious that this is just a setup to get him de-frocked so that he and Nicole can get together because the writers have realized that it was a really stupid decision to make him a priest.

The other thing I hate is that we have yet another Kristen revenge plot against Marlena, yet Marlena is nowhere to be seen.  I hate it when they make her a bystander in stories that are at least nominally about her!

I can't believe that with all the story potential of three young parents living together with a newborn, they're immediately throwing Will into a "does Sonny really want to be with me?" plot.  This is how you use a two time Emmy winner?  Stop telling us how tired Gabi is!  Show us why she's tired!

Let's see:  JJ is annoying.  Jennifer is making dumb decisions.  Ann really needs to fall down an elevator shaft, except that she's the only thing making Jennifer even sightly interesting right now.  That remark Kate made to Nick was beyond crass and definitely beneath her.  There was a Vargas (woof!) sighting.  And the suspense around EJ and Justin's plan to oust Stefano is killing me.  I wish they would pull the trigger already.

Overall, it was kind of a mixed bag of a week.  We're at the place where everything is still developing, so we've got to be patient.  Still, the groundwork has been laid for some July fireworks.  Can't wait until the fuse is lit.

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