Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Fun Finds: FORE!

It's no secret by this point that the littlest things amuse me to no end.  Plastic carrots, anyone?  Here's another one that just tickled me to death.

Vintage barware is so much fun!  I got this little dude on half price day at a thrift near the Peddlers Mall.  It's kind of a hit or miss place, but I do make a point of hitting the half price days when I can.

The little golf clubs are swizzle sticks, and they sit in this awesome little golf bag!  Is that cute or what?

 There's a bottle opener attached.

 The swizzle sticks include both woods...

 ...and irons!

 There's just no end to the awesome on this thing.  The golf bag also doubles as a jigger.  It's marked off in the following measurements on the side:

2 oz--Drive

1 1/2 oz--Iron

1 oz--Putt

Can't you just see it sitting on the bar back at the club house?

Best of all from a seller's perspective is the vast amount of crossover appeal it has:  golf fans, barware collectors, vintage fans!  Someone is bound to love this little guy!


svelteSTUFF said...

SO! SO! 1950'S!! Back when they did 'It's 5 0'Clock Somewhere' in style!! Love ALL that "classy-kitschy-crap" from that era. Sometimes I just close my eyes and take a step back in time... THANKS for sharing & hope your week is improving 8-)! S~

Lynn said...

Cute in so many ways! It will go for sure. Hoping you are feeling better - Happy 4th - are you getting to see fireworks?

We are lucky - we can see them from our driveway!

Roger Owen Green said...

those look like fun!