Friday, July 12, 2013

These are...

My favorite Patty Griffin songs.  In no particular order, because trying to order them was driving me nuts.

This one flat out knocks me out every time I hear it.  It hits a very personal chord with me that very few songs do.

I love this one for its simplicity.  I can't find a video of Patty doing it, so you get these dancers.  It was either that or a One Tree Hill montage.  I wasn't about to leave it off.  I'm relating to this one in a new way due to chemo.  That line about "going so slow, slow, slow" fits me to a "T" these days.

Here is the first one of her songs I really got to know.

This is another one of the first songs by her I ever heard.  It also hits that personal chord.  Only a few artists have more than one song that does that for me.  Ever since my mother died, I can't listen to this one without breaking up.  Surprisingly, I couldn't find anything of her performing this.

If I was absolutely forced to pick a number one fave, this would be it.  Check out her back-up singer.

Finally, I couldn't leave out the one she does in the Virgin of Guadalupe yet!  Again, no performance vid available.

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